Sub-3:21 Marathon Plan and RunWESTIN Dream Job

I think I may have mentioned to you that I am going to run a sub 3:21 marathon this fall. My husband doesn’t like it when I do this. When I announce an audacious goal to the whole wide world. It makes him nervous. Very nervous. And of course I understand why. My goal presumes that everything go exactly as according to plan. A plan that includes running nearly everyday and sometimes twice a day. It’s a matter of dedicating time to training and then of course eating and sleeping right so that my training is quality running.

Now what if I told you my plans already got messed up?

Because they did. But instead of tossing my goal out the window and receding back into the shadows hoping y’all forgot about my audacious announcement, I chose to adapt it to the new opportunity I was faced with. Partly because this opportunity is very worth adapting for!

I ended up missing a few runs altogether, putting in about 5-6 runs on the treadmill (including speed work – I was sure I was going shoot off the back end of that thing!), sleeping 4 to 6 hours and then attempting to stay awake 21-22 hours more than once (getting so tired I was literally seeing dots) and messing with my nutrition (the food on planes, in airports and from room service is, well, you know).


Because two weeks ago I was flown last minute to Stamford, CT to interview for my dream job. As nerve wracking as it was, I loved every intense minute of it. This opportunity may have thrown a curveball into my carefully drawn up training plan. But I welcomed it. It gave me the opportunity to react to the unknown. It made me stronger. It made me more determined. Sure my nutrition, my sleep and my training were off, but I got back on track the minute I got home.

And then a few days later I flew out of Vancouver again, this time for a longer duration. I was flown to Chicago IL. And again, I loved every crazy second of it.


Chicago is a beautiful city!

I met my competition (they were really nice and extremely talented), I had cameras on me much of the weekend (I’ve always wanted to be on reality TV? – no wait, that’s my hubby’s dream), I experienced new things (and new places), was thrown into situations that tested my skills (uncovering strengths and weaknesses), and had a ton of fun (yeah cocktail parties!!).


VIP reception in the rooftop lounge of the Wit Hotel

And met cool people!


I ❤ Chicago Rock n Roll half marathon 🙂

The three of us fought for the one position.

runWESTIN finalists

3 finalists with Bob Jacobs – VP North America Brand Management, Westin/Sheraton

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 5.05.21 PM

Just before being interviewed in front of ~20,000 runners by John Bingham

However, I must say “fought” is the wrong word. We got along fantastically and honestly liked each other. And so we should have. We’re all very similar in that we are passionate about running, particularly marathons, and we coach and train other runners. We’re upbeat and positive personalities. We see potential and opportunity everywhere we look.


Outside the race expo at McCormick Place on Lake Michigan


Awake at 3am, runners breakfast at 4am, at race start line for 5:30am!

After 4 days of nothing but excitement, it’s over. I’m home. Everything is normal again. Except my usual daily 9 mile loop was a bit slower after a few days of lost sleep, excitement overload and different food. Did you catch that? I talked in miles and PR’s all weekend and now I feel like I’m becoming fluent in… In what? USA run talk? 🙂

The decision won’t be known for some time. My dream job is also the dream job of my two new peeps. I have my hunches… After all, I met my competition. Regardless, I do know that the new RunWESTIN VIP Marathon program that Westin in partnership with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series is rolling out is one I’ll either be proud to work for and be a key player in, or one I’ll be proud to promote and support.

In the meantime, I have a few lost miles (er, kilometres) to make up for last week. But I am back on track. Running my way towards that sub 3:21 marathon on October 13th.

My plans may well be derailed another few times in the upcoming 12 weeks left to training. And realizing that was when I realized I’m way more adaptable that I give myself credit for. Cause I know I’ll be just fine if they do.

One way or the other… I wouldn’t have it any other way!

12 thoughts on “Sub-3:21 Marathon Plan and RunWESTIN Dream Job

    • Thanks so much Carole!!! Hope the studying and case studies completion is going well for you! One step closer to your dream job, right!! Although, really, it seems to me you’ve spent your life jumping from one dream job into another 😉

  1. I’m so excited for you, Sarah! It sounds like a perfect opportunity for you — and I know how inspiring you can be!!!

  2. Your pics look awesome!! Don’t sweat the change to your normal training routine. I think I’ve come back stronger when I’ve given my body a break from the routine. Good luck!!! Fingers crossed for you!!

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