Just Run

What does it mean when you not only run in your running clothes, but you also work, eat and sleep in them too?

I find it’s easier. Think of it – you wake up and just run right out the door. No changing required! You return from your run, shower and then put on your next running outfit because it’s going to make it that much easier to convince yourself to get out the door in 10 hours time and just run. I mean, what a waste of running clothes if you don’t actually run in them… Right?!!

pre-run selfies

Maybe I should stop this madness and start wearing real clothes to work. Of course the fact I work from my home office means I can get away with wearing even pyjamas to work (gasp, never!! – oh wait, nevermind). I do think running clothes are one step up from pyjamas… But possibly only a small step up! Nevertheless, I’ll stop taking pre-run selfies. That’s just weird.

In all honesty I’ve spent the past 8 weeks trying very very hard, to train very very hard. Sleeping and working in lulu shorts and tanks are simply a byproduct. There’s been weeks where lack of sleep has interfered with desired volume of training. But learning how to ‘just do it’ and not procrastinate or ask questions is probably the best way I’ve found to stay consistent. And consistency is key to race day performance.

Consistency, good food, and lots of sleep.

I’ve literally made it my job to sing the benefits of eating to run. Benefits I wholeheartedly and one hundred percent believe in. I eat to run each day. However, nothing can make up for a lack of sleep. Athletes require 10 hours of sleep daily. True. There’s no way I’m going over 100km in one week if I don’t practice this simple requirement. Between 0 and 100km, I might not feel like getting out of bed to run or getting out there after work to run – but I just do it. I just run.

booksBut over 100km combined with a lack of sleep and everything shuts down. My just run mantra gets mangled by sleep deprivation. I hardly slept a wink last Wednesday. Thursday I was up early out of necessity but after my meeting I found myself in Chapters buying Chrissie Wellington’s A Life Without Limits and Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run. With an oatmeal from Starbucks, I hunkered down and read for hours. I discovered these two kids are so hardcore. And I am so not.

I highly recommend both these books. It is truly amazing to read what world champions go through and the level of dedication they have for their sport. I was also shocked to hear how they raced (many times) through injuries and hardships (something I definitely wouldn’t have given a second thought to using as what I would believe to be an honest and very good reason to not race). Of course they also then won.

I’m nothing close to a world champion and will never be, but the message I took home was to just do it. No excuses. Just get out there.

Just run.

53 days to race day.

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