Push Your Limits: my journey to Tahoe 200 (episodes 1, 2 and 3)

I’ve been largely absent from any social media or blogging lately… Mostly because my time has been taken up with other things. By choice that is – I’m not claiming to be ‘crazy busy’ or anything – in fact to the contrary, for the first time in my life I am not consumed by busy-ness. So I’ve been getting to bed on time (8:30-9:00pm on weekdays), waking up on time (5:10-5:20am – weekdays of course!), napping when I need to, preparing and eating all the good food all the time, and having fun with my husband and fur kids. Enjoying life, you know? Oh, and I’ve been running. A lot 😉

In fact, since I decided to tackle Tahoe 200 mile endurance run (this September), I’ve also taken on a training schedule that absolutely fires me up. Looking at the weeks ahead of me, at the all the races I have outlined for this year leading up to Tahoe – it all makes me so excited I can hardly sleep. (In fact, that’s been a current issue – I’m so impassioned with life I’m having trouble sleeping… So yah, currently working on that one!!)

Anyway, just before Christmas I took to filming my training… And it stuck. I’ve now recorded 3 episodes and I will continue to do so all the way up to my Tahoe 200 mile run. To be honest, I suppose it’s kind of boring – I mean, it’s mostly just me, running a lot. Often in the dark. So I wouldn’t expect anyone to watch. However if you choose to (and I’d be happy to have you on board), I promise to make it as exciting as possible and share as much useful information with you as possible. And please do let me know if you have any questions in the comments – I’ll include any info that interests you in future episodes.

So let’s get started!

Episode 1: With 38 weeks to go until my first 200 mile endurance run, this episode begins the documentation of my training that will take me to Tahoe 200 Endurance Run (September 13-16, 2019). The premise is basically that after completing 3 x 100 mile endurance runs, I decided it was time for something bigger… A 200 miler! Thus begins my training for this new ultra challenge.

This episode covers my daily running and workouts, as well as look into my grocery basket, and includes why my training is already fairly intense… As well as where I’ve drawn my training plan from.

Episode 2: With 37 weeks to go until Tahoe, my first 200 mile endurance run, this second vlog covers my attempt at a high mileage week (goal: 90 miles / 145 km), as well as another shot at my longest training run (52.8 miles / 85 km) before my February 2nd 100 miler.

Along with documenting my training for the week, I also give you a look into my 4th visit to Bodycomp Imaging to get another DEXA scan. Upon receiving my initial measurements 9 months ago, I’ve worked to optimize my body fat and muscle composition as well as bone density. For anyone interested, Peter Schwagly at Bodycomp Imaging is extremely knowledgeable and helpful – you can find more information here: http://bodycomp.ca/

Episode 3: With 36 weeks to go until my Tahoe 200 mile race, this week covers my daily training to hit 105 km (65 miles) for the week. On the Wednesday I also give you a look at what I eat and drink on a daily basis!

I also reference the importance of sleep a number of times throughout – for those interested I wear an Alta HR Fitbit to track my hours of restful sleep each night. The research I did last year pointed me to either the Apple watch or the Alta HR Fitbit as best sleep trackers.

If you are interested in future episodes, please do hit the Subscribe button over on my channel at YouTube – would love to see you there 🙂

Always remember, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Push your limits! xx


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