Marathon Training: Getting Serious

So last I mentioned (waaaayyyy back in May), the next big goal on my schedule was to PB in Long Beach Marathon California – October 11th, 2015. I think at that point, I might also have mentioned I was already in training.


In reality, shortly after my last blogpost here, I lost my drive for high performance. This went on for a few weeks. I still ran, but only about half my usual mileage. I ran the Whistler half marathon (and called it fun but let’s be serious – epic struggle), really did no speed sessions to speak of and nothing too long distance wise. I can’t tell you why exactly – other than I’d been on the usual post-marathon high (OMG I can’t wait to run another one!!!!!!!) and then I realized I was tired and needed a break. So a bit of down time it was.

Others trained hard around me and all I could do was cheer them on. I just didn’t have it in me to join them.

Image 6I realized as time went on that if I didn’t get serious soon, I was going to miss out on any chance of attaining my Long Beach goals. That was not enough to move me.

I joined my friends in a few of their speed workouts and dragged hubby along on one I thought might be a good idea, but I only realized from those that I’d lost all my speed and felt literally back to square one.

Not. Motivating.

Then, on Tuesday July 14th I received a text message from hubby:


As you can see, I DIDN’T REPLY RIGHT AWAY! I started for hours at that text message, wondering if indeed I was ready. Did I have it in me? Could I do all the hard core training that needed to be done? Did I want it bad enough?

What do I do? What do I say? How to reply?

And then he texted again saying he was going to pick up our cat from the vet… And HOW BAD did I feel having not responded to his text right away 😦

So I finally replied:

Image 1

I was in. We discussed, I came up with a plan, re-hired my running coach and BOOM! We were off. I was off!

When I think about it now, I’m not entirely sure what flipped the switch. I wish I could tell you exactly what it was – but I don’t think it was any one thing. It was a combo of a great support system, external motivation from someone who wants to see me do well, my personal desire to achieve my sub 3:30 (and maybe even my sub 3:21) re-ignited full force and taking the time to set up everything I needed to be successful in this endeavour.

We jumped right in – as of July 20th it was official. Only 12 weeks to marathon day and we were going hard core.

Image 5

So here’s how it’s gone down thus far:

From Monday, July 20 to Sunday, July 26 (goal mileage 75km) – I ran 80km.

July 27th to August 2nd (goal 90km) – I ran 95km.

August 3rd to 9th (goal 110km) – I ran 115km.

August 10th to 16th (goal 125km) – I ran 128km.

I also finished up that week by running the SeaWheeze Half Marathon at marathon pace (in 1:41:12, unofficial time because I didn’t wear the chip that belonged to the girl I bought the bib from). Such a fun day and a good week that was!!!


August 17th to 23rd (goal 140km) – I ran 142km.

August 24th to August 30th (goal 110km) – I ran 113km.


Do you see my theme? I like to overachieve apparently! Just by a few km each week though… All good 😉

Which brings us more or less to today and this week! Which is really big week. An epic one.

Between Monday, August 31st and Sunday, September 6th my goal is to run 100 miles (160km).

Today is Thursday and so far I’ve pounded out 53.8 miles (86.7km), including a crazy track workout on Tuesday I thought might kill me. (It didn’t – in fact, I kind of loved it!!)

Image 4

I tried to run 100 miles in one week last year. Exactly one year ago in fact. I remember because I told a friend who was headed off to Burning Man that while she was at the festival, I’d be running 100 miles. I didn’t. I collapsed on Friday morning in a puddle of exhausted tears.

Burning Man is once again happening, right now. I am once again attempting to run 100 miles in one week. Tomorrow is Friday…

I will finish up this week by running the inaugural VanRace 30km race. I’ll run the first 5km at easy pace and then the last 25km at marathon pace. When I cross that finish line there’ll probably be tears.

But they’ll be really happy tears this time. And to top it all off, it was pointed out to me that I even get a medal to finish up this epic week with! Ha! Like wow. I may even make an exception to my hardcore training no alcohol rule… Because this just might call for some champagne.

Image 3

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