Not Always Easy (Week 28 of 30)

Entering the third last week of my training schedule should have felt like a relief… Almost there! However, with a few tough tempo workouts ahead of me, a 30km Saturday run and a goal weekly total of 120-125km / 75-78mi, I decided not to think of it as entering taper. Whatever mind games we might play, thinking of this as just another good training week helped me wrap my head around it and get it done.

It didn’t start off easy. Monday mornings run was a mere 5.7km easy, yet felt like a long struggle. Thankfully by the time Monday evening rolled around, my legs had figured sorted it out and all came together for a nice strong tempo workout, despite the crazy heat. In fact, it was so hot, I was glowing (as you can see)!!

Image 2


Of course things reverted right back to struggle town Tuesday morning – and I accepted that hard easy runs may be where it’s at this particular week. I decided to leave it at a single run day though… And try again on Wednesday. Gah, another toughie. How about Wednesday night? Bahaha, it’s getting almost comical at this point to call easy runs easy – because now easy is an oxymoron.

Finally, Thursday morning dawns calm and cool. And although I’m not speedy, I feel good. Phewf. Was getting worried there. Of course Thursday evening rolls around and it’s epic struggle like crazy. I try to tempo. I try my hardest. But I can’t hit my pace – it’s not happening. I accept and move on.

Image 3

On Friday morning I warn Steph I’m going to be darn slow today – it’s just not in me and I’m not feeling it. I make a liar out of myself as we fly around our 14km loop in the same speedy pace we do each Friday. You just never know.

Saturday morning rolls around and I’ll be honest. I’m just so glad it’s not 24km at marathon pace that 30km sounds like a breeze. Weird how that happens. Somehow I end up running 31.73km. You know, because 30km just wasn’t enough?!! But it’s a strong run and I’m feeling really good.

You’ve guessed what came next right? Sunday morning I needed only 9km to finish the week up… And setting out in blistering heat probably didn’t help the fact I was struggling. There it was, another HARD easy run.

And I know. It’s not always easy. It doesn’t always feel good. But it’s always worth it.

As week 28 draws to a close it’s now two weeks to race day. And my true taper time begins.

Image 7

  1. Dec 30 to Jan 5 – 50km (actual – 57km)
  2. Jan 6 to 12 – 60km (actual – 63km)
  3. Jan 13 to 19 – 60km (actual – 63km)
  4. Jan 20 to 26 – 75km (actual – 77km)
  5. Jan 27 to Feb 2 – 105km (actual – 108km)
  6. Feb 3 to 9 – 90km (actual – 90km)
  7. Feb 10 to 16 – 75km (actual – 75km)
  8. Feb 17 to 24 – 105km (actual – 100km)
  9. Feb 25 to Mar 2 – 135km (actual – 135km)
  10. Mar 3 to 9 – 120km (actual – 105km)
  11. Mar 10 to 16 – 135km (actual 110km)
  12. Mar 17 to 23 – 150km (actual 83km)
  13. Mar 24 to 30 – 120km, with specific pace runs (actual 100km – no pace runs)
  14. Mar 31 to Apr 6 – 120km, with specific pace runs (actual 100km, nailed my pace runs)
  15. Apr 7 to 13 – 105km, with specific pace runs (actual 75km, got sick in the middle, but nailed all my pace runs)
  16. Apr 14 to 20 – 135km, with specific pace runs (actual 100km, nailed my pace runs)
  17. Apr 21 to 27 – 70km, with specific pace run and The Vancouver Sun Run 10km race (actual 48km, good pace run, race = 45:43)
  18. Apr 28 to May 4 – 105km, with specific pace runs and The BMO Half (actual 74km, race = 1:40:40)
  19. May 5 to 11 – 150km, with specific pace runs (actual = 58km, with pace run)
  20. May 12 to 18 – 135km, with specific pace runs (actual = 89km, with pace run)
  21. May 19 to 25 – 120km, with specific pace runs (actual = 128, with pace run)
  22. May 26 to June 1 – 150km, with specific pace runs (actual = 94km, with pace run)
  23. June 2 to 8 – 135km, with Whistler Half (actual 64km, race = 1:45:11)
  24. June 9 to 15 – 105km, with specific pace runs (actual 82km, no pace runs)
  25. June 16 to 22 – 150km, with Seattle Half (actual 69km, race = 1:41:08)
  26. June 23 to 29 – 120km (amended to 150 by coach Carey), with specific pace runs (actual 151km, with pace run)
  27. June 30 to July 6 – 105km (amended to 120-125 by coach Carey), with specific pace runs (actual 123km, with strong Wed track run & strong Sat M pace run)
  28. July 7 to 13 – 105km (amended to 115-120 by coach Carey), with specific pace runs (actual 120km, with Mon & Thurs tempos)
  29. July 14 to 20 – taper week, 90km, with specific pace runs
  30. July 21 to 27 – final taper week


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