The Easy Stuff (Week 3 of 30)

It’s happening again. I’m sitting here working, typing… In my running clothes!! After an early morning run, I’ve showered and dressed myself in the gear I’ll wear for my 2nd run in a few hours time. Soon I’ll start sleeping in my run stuff. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. This post is to summarize week #3 – which was last week.

I’d scheduled another 60km week and indeed had no trouble finishing with 63km. Monday – 10k, easy. Tuesday – 9k, easy. Wednesday morning – 5k, easy.

And then Wednesday night rolled around. I figured I might attempt some speed.

Off to Forerunners clinic I went and joined the 50-minute 10k group, to ensure I did not push too hard. After all, like I mentioned last week – it’s been a while since I attempted any speed.

I’d like to say I did a good job holding back, but alas I was up to my old tricks and went out too fast. Pounding the pavement out in front of everyone, I’d not be surprised if there were those behind me wondering why the heck I hadn’t put myself in the 45-minute group (sorry guys, it’s because I was afraid of being left behind in the dust by them).

Of course nearing the end, a good half dozen runners were ahead of me. When will I learn? Pace yourself girl, pace yourself.

I didn’t need to be doing any double runs and since Wednesday was a double, Thursday was off. Friday an 8k easy, Saturday a 17k easy. Finishing up Sunday with an easy 5k was just fun stuff. This week, it was easy stuff. This cannot be called high mileage yet.

But it’s coming. 75km, 105km, 120km, 135km, 150km… It’s now time to ramp up.

The good news? I’m totally ready… Bring it.


Sunday’s easy 5k run 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Easy Stuff (Week 3 of 30)

  1. Hi Sarah–

    Happy new year!

    I ran a 10k PB on the weekend at MEC Race One: 45:17. I was aiming for 45, decided to do a 4:30 pace for the first 5k (it was an out-and-back) and then faster the second half if I had it in me. Actually, I ended up slowing to 4:40, 4:45, then picked it up again the last 2k. Still sorting out my training schedule. Run-commuting 3 days a week since Jan 1, doing Tuesday speedwork with a club, and planning long runs for the weekend.

    Good luck with your training too!

    Best, Robin


    • Hi Robin… Happy new year to you too! Wow, awesome, congrats on your PB!! That’s fantastic! Tough to get a negative split, I know – I’m sure you’re just saving it for next time 😉 Glad the run commuting is working out for you, brilliant really. Sounds like you’re getting into a great routine – should see some more PB’s for sure – can’t wait to hear about them!! Thanks much, I’m totally enjoying my training! Cheers, Sarah

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